Spiral CT scan (installed first in M.P ) This scanner is superior to other conventional scanner in many ways; in brief it is ultra fast, more safe from radiation point of view, economical in terms of radiation, contrast dose and productivity. It gives volumetric analysis of patient organs and defines disease processes more precisely thus gives more appropriate diagnosis.
Colour Doppler M25440a Envisor system- It is a multi utility machine with broadband digital beam former technology
Ultrasonography - It is a non invasive investigation which is relatively cheap , easy to perform and gives early diagnosis. This section is well equipped with latest sonography machine. It has all kind of probes like transvaginal and transrectal which is useful in making early diagnosis in obstretical and urological disease. Ultrasonography is an important tool in early detection of many abdominal and pelvic abnormalities.
Digital X-ray Fugi FCR XG 1 It gives advanced digital image which produces easy to read, high diagnostic value radiographs in standard as well as in high resolution settings and its automatic sensitivity adjustment function minimizes variations in X-ray exposure, resulting in more consistent image density.


  • Spiral CT scan
  • Color Doppler
  • Ultrasonography
  • Digital X-ray
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