Who We Are?

Suyash hospital is a Indore based multi specialty hospital founded in the year 1994, situated in the heart of the city over 45000 square feet with ample space for parking and lush green garden. Its just 5 minutes distance from the railway station and bus stand and 20 minutes from the airport.


Give every patient a future free of morbidity.


Provide the best healthcare services at an affordable price, in a hygienic environment and upholding the highest respect for human life.

Ideology-ABC of Healthcare Delivery


Disparities in access to health services affect individuals and society. Limited access to health care impacts people's ability to reach their full potential, negatively affecting their quality of life. Barriers to services include :

  • Lack of availability
  • High cost
  • Lack of insurance coverage

Every year a lot of people die due to lack of accessibility to proper healthcare facilities. Keeping accessibility in mind, Suyash Hospital Pvt ltd. was constructed in the heart of Indore city.


It is the patients trust in our capabilities that gives us the motivation to give our very best in what we do. After so many years of establishment we are indeed proud to say that we have been able to touch so many lives that our patients call Suyash Hospital as their family hospital.


According to WHO report, 16% families have been pushed below poverty line because of their hospitals bills. People have to take loans in order to pay hospital bills. Hence it is our constant endeavor to make our services affordable with a prime focus on quality.